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Email woes………….

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I’ve finally had it with the email situation…. I cant send to people with certain addresses and my server gets flagged as spam for some reason….

I switched my email accounts to gmail. So far its OK, Im not sure I like the organizational system it uses but I’ll try it.
If you emailed or got a bounce back from me retry it. Thanks.

Open Source!

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I use only open source software when possible. I dont see the advantages of using something expensive when theres something you can download for free that will do everything the expensive software will do plus some. I only use Blender for my 3D animations and CADs, and I use Gimp instead of photoshop. These things are free and work fantastic.

Ive been rebuilding scrap computers for a few years now. Once I piece one together I always format the drive and install Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a free, open source version of Linux that can run on old systems and offers everything the average user needs…. email, web browsing, light games and office apps.

You can even try Ubuntu without actually installing it if you have a DVD drive! Give it a try!

New web site is up!!

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The new web site is up and running! You guys take a look and let me know if you see anything that needs to be adjusted.

I dont think I’ll make this public (not yet anyway), but some of you emailed me about it on my old site so I’ve emailed you the link to get here. Dont expect much 🙂

This new site has been more labor than I anticipated. I’ve got to get some sort of SEO going. I dont get any traffic just off the web and Im not paying to advertise on google (yet). So I “hired” an SEO person off of (It crazy what you can get for $5!) to write copy and research keywords that I sprinkled through the site.

I’ve found that people sometimes dont know the correct terms for illustrations or animations and will confuse them with the names of software or other non-related terms.
Ive tried to counter this by adding keywords of all the 3D and drawing software available. Even though I use Blender it should make the search rankings show higher than my old site. I’m doing the same on the job services web sites I use also. This makes sense… people tell me they need an autocad drawing but they really just mean lineart most of the time. My favorite one is a lady that asked for a “write board” animation. I’m adding some hardware keywords too (oculus, wacom, cintiq, etc). Seems like a no brainer, I just never thought of it.

Should be an exciting year! Happy New Year everyone!