I’ve been recording a few original tracks for the praise band this week, hopefully I can get everyone motivated and over here to record.
I’ve been using Studio One because I got it free with some audio hardware I bought…. I really like it. I almost feel bad for saying that because I have used Reaper for so long with great results. I’ve mentioned Reaper a few times its a free DAW program that does everything the commercial apps do, it even uses VSTs the same way. Honestly the only reasons I like Studio One better is because of the workflow. The pool window is right there, it groups your songs into sessions, it does multiple takes easy, it has been thought out ahead of time for sure. I love Reaper because of the customization options… I love the vintage console look and having everything dark. I honestly cant tell a difference in the two as far as the audio quality. I almost feel bad for not using Reaper because its freeware (sort of, I donated $60).

At any rate, I may post the songs when we record… We may cover some Crowder or Hillsong tunes.. We will see.

Go download reaper and try it out!

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