Free and cheap apps

In my pursuit of being completely open source based, Ive compiled a list of things I use that are free (or close to it).

I had this on the old blog and someone asked me about it…. Here you go.

Lets start with the best…

Pixlr is a free web based image editor. It has some cool functions to be something that requires no download or installation.

Open Office
I refuse to put M$ Office on any of my machines and this is an awesome alternative.

This is a free script writing app. Its great for screenplays, comic books, or anything you need a formatted outline for.

Google’s SketchUp is kind of a CAD package and kind of a 3D modeling package. This in combination with Google’s huge 3D object library makes this a great resource.

Phone, web conference, screen sharing, fax, etc, etc…..


Another excellent media player.

A photo viewer and media manager.

Compression utility that works on just about everything…zip, rar, tar, iso, etc…

GXTS Screensaver
Displays how long it has been running along with other vital system information (network traffic, discs, mem, etc). Very low CPU load 0% -4%

The easiest remote desktop solution I have found. You dont even have to install it.


Trillian Astra
Instant messaging…includes aim, yahoo, msn, facebook, irc, etc……

A digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.


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